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Brought to you by Team Underworld, Arkham is loaded, ready to penetrate the smart chain space.

The heart of all the madness, Arkham City. A large part of Gotham City, that was turned into a lawless warzone for the criminals of Arkham Asylum and Blackgate.

Arkhams mission is to reward those with vision and teach those without it!

As we traverse the streets of Arkham City, we will encounter lots of criminals. Some of which you will all know very well.

Benefit with us as we have encounters in the city and take advantage of the rewards that come with it.

  • What rewards? What do you mean ?!
  • What happens after an encounter?

Our rewards will consist of rewards from further token launches, for example.

On week 1 and week 3 we might encounter a criminal within Arkham and deploy our subsequent token.
This token will run for as long as the community back it, its tokenomics will be identical to Arkham but will contain Arkham rewards in its contract.
Each encounter means more rewards which means a stronger floor after each encounter.

  • Reward those with vision
  • Teach those without it!
  • Brought to you by Team Underworld
  • Benefit with us

After each encounter we return back to roaming the city of Arkham, continuing our adventure, having fun as we go!
In Arkham we will have many competitions, giveaways, games, riddles and more!

  • Reward those with vision
  • Teach those without it!
  • Brought to you by Team Underworld
  • Benefit with us
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Our Journey



Phase 1

  • Begin our journey by launching on bsc
  • Submit CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko application
  • Register on voting platforms.
  • Website V1
  • Whitepaper V1
  • Engage with our new community and run competition's for content creation on telegram
  • Have our first encounter
  • Begin to design content for social media through more competitions
  • Audit and KYC
  • Begin social media marketing, twitter, 4chan, 9gag, reddit etc..
  • Have our second encounter
  • Holder expansion
  • Enable our staking pool.
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  • Begin designing our unique NFT collection
  • Have our third Encounter
  • Enable burn tax ( 2% tax removed from marketing and made to burn the supply, Arkham only ).
  • First look at our NFT collection
  • Have our fourth encounter
  • Establish our first business partnership on telegram
  • Establish youtube influencer partnerships
  • Logo V2
  • Website revamp with more detailed whitepaper.
  • Further expansion of holders
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Phase 3

  • CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko listing
  • NFT collection released
  • NFT Marketplace
  • increase Liquidity to 25%
  • Fifth encounter
  • Second business partnership
  • Ramp up exposure in all sectors online
  • Sixth encounter
  • Even further expansion of holders
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Token Info



Supply = 1000000
Tax = 10/10
- 2 LP
- 8 Marketing

Encounter tokenomics

Supply = 1000000
Tax = 10/10
- 2 LP
- 5 Marketing
- 3 Arkham rewards

A more detailed breakdown on how the supply and tax will be used will be available on our whitepaper!

Make sure to check it out!


Total Supply



00 %


00 %

Arkham Reward

00 %





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How to buy ARKHAM

Buying Arkham is incredibly easy. We recommend using Trust Wallet or MetaMask to set up a wallet. You can download these from the app store on your phone, for this example we will show you how to buy on MetaMask.

Step 1

open your newly installed Metamask. Create an account and get your first wallet.

Step 2

Arkham is a token tradeable on Binance Smart Chain so we need to make sure you are connected to the right network. Select Binance Smart Chain from the drop down box at the top. If the option is there proceed to step 4, if the option is not there proceed to step 3

Step 3

We need to add the Binance Smart Chain network to your metamask, to do this click the menu option in the top left. Click settings, click networks, click Add Network, click Custom Network.

Step 4

Now we need to load your wallet with some bnb, Metamask supports bnb purchases straight from your bank account. Click the blue buy circle on your user interface and follow the on screen steps.

Last Step

Navigate to the bottom of your user interface, to where it says wallet and browser. Open the browser and go to the url


Connect your wallet to Pancake Swap and select BNB in the top box and then in the bottom box, we put the Arkham token address

( insert $ARKHAM ca )

Read the prompt about the risk of importing tokens and proceed.

Click the gear icon just above your BNB balance and change your slippage to 10-12%.

( to swap from BNB to $ARKHAM, to swap your tokens to BNB again you select Arkham in the top box, BNB in the bottom box )

Now that we have imported Arkham to your metamask we can now swap $BNB for $ARKHAM.
Simply type an amount of BNB you want to swap in the top box. In the bottom box, select $ARKHAM.
Swap the tokens and complete any prompts given.

How will we deploy our Encounter Tokens?

The holders will have the power to decide which encounter we have. The team will give holders scenarios.

( D&D type scenarios, "you encounter "x" under a bridge do you fight him, try to bribe him, run away" )

in which the outcomes are multiple choice.

Your decisions as a community will decide what encounter we have.

We will deploy at the time we post the encounter along with a riddle of where to find the ca for the encounter token.

Marketing will not begin for 24 hours after encounter begins to ensure those who are taking part have seen the post and solved the riddle.

What happens to Arkham when we have an encounter?


Arkham LP will still be locked. It will still be live trading. You can buy and sell as normal.

The chat WILL BE LOCKED!!!
This is because we are no longer roaming the streets of arkham!!!

Chat will be unlocked and everything resumes as normal when the encounter has ended!

How will we punish those without vision?

Offering rewards from encounter tokens in the mother token $ARKHAM it ensures the earlier you get involved the higher your reward at the end.

Make no mistake! Its never to late to make your first buy! With our carefully planned marketing each encounter token will be a moonshot in of itself.
The volume from which will grow your bags in the mother token $ARKHAM as an added bonus!

This is because...
All of our encounter tokens will offer 3% rewards in $ARKHAM, our staking pool ensures a solid floor and will also payout $ARKHAM every day meaning the longer you hold.
The more $ARKHAM you will have!